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To attend

You need to sign up for a ticket and pay in advance. Last day to sign up is Monday 27/1 or until seats are full. You must be over 18 to attend and every one is welcome: professionals, students and hobbyists alike! It costs 200 SEK to attend the event. And you need to be over 18 years of age.

The event

The event takes place 31/1-2/2 at the University of Skövde, in house D. 

We starts sign in at 16:00 in the café area on ground floor.

The theme announcement should be finished at approximatly 18:00.
After that you can start making your game!

The venue is open 24/7 during the event. 

Sunday at 15:00 you need to turn your game 

After turn in we'll have a small expo and short presentations from all teams, to show what you've made, this is open to the public. 



When is the event?

16:00, 31 January - 18:00, 2 February


University of Skövde, about 5 minutes from the trainstation

What does it cost and what's included?

200 SEK, includes: attendence,  food, access to Friday kick off party, borrowed PC (first 100), access sleeping hall

How do I get a ticket?

Sign up at the website and pay via swish. 

How do I pay?

You need to register at the website, and payment is done via swish to:

Message: GGJ - Name Surname

Swish number: 123 493 48 16

Recipient: SGA Social Open

I don't have swish what do I do?
You find a friend who do, and make sure they leave your name as message.

Borrowed PC
How do I loan a PC?

We have about 100 PCs to loan, it's först till kvarn when you sign up!

What programs are available on the PC?

Here you can find the list

Can I install my own programs?


Own PC

Is there internet connection?

Yes, wifi. 


Where's the sleeping hall?


How does it work?

It's basically a floor for you to sleep on. We suggest you bring some kind of mattress, pillow and blanket.


Friday kick off party, when, where, how?

You get entrance by being registred at the game jam (peronnummer/date of birth is needed). You need to bring a valid ID to enter.

The party will be at the Klubb Boulogner, 5 min walk from the Game Jam.

How about teams?

You can set up your own team in advance or you just show up and we help you find others who would like to find teammates! We recommend a teamsize of about 4-5 people.

borrowed PC
Own PC
Sleeping hall

Questions? Ask us here!

Tack! Meddelande skickat.

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